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Lead scientists:
(we draw as needed on a network of other physicists, data scientists, software developers, and hardware engineers)

Andrew Ganse, PhD
Principal Scientist & Founder
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Megan Hazen, PhD
Senior Machine Learning Scientist


Ganse: PhD Geophysics,
BS Electrical Engineering.
• 16 years research experience in
defense and Earth and space science
applications, including remote sensing
via acoustic, electromagnetic, and
gravity measurements.
• Recent experience in the commercial
data science startup arena, focusing on
probabilistic classifiers, clustering, and
other machine learning tools.
• Experience in data wrangling and
database implementation (Oracle, PostgreSQL).
• Extensive expertise in nonlinear regression,
inverse problems, time-series analysis,
Bayesian and frequentist inference.
(LinkedIn profile resume)

Also see materials from some of Ganse's past APL-UW and data science projects at

Hazen: PhD Electrical Engineering,
BS/MS Mechanical Engineering.
• 12 years research experience in
machine learning and data science in
defense applications, modeling acoustic
sensor performance and designing
control systems for optimal sensor deployment.
• 3 years commercial software industry
experience designing machine learning
algorithms for computer security applications.
• Extensive expertise in deep learning,
neural network design, optimization,
and data analysis.
(LinkedIn profile resume)